Tuesday, 1 September 2009

If it ain't broke... don't be a lazy bum & stay in bed!!

Today has been something of a rite of passage. Not a good one though.

Let's rewind...
Friday: Let the daddy's 4 day weekend commence! Much joy, quickly cancelled out by the dread that was the mummy having a date with the dentist to have 2 wisdom teeth yanked out. Ouch :( But an hour or so later, still numb, but determined not to waste any more weekendie goodness, we trundled to town in search of lunch & cold drinks. (medicinal purposes, obviously.)
Whilst lunching, got a text from a friend to say she'd had her baby in the early hours of the morning - yay :)
So, off we trundled to the hospital for a visit. (via mothercare for teeny sleepsuit purchasing - little minx had decided on being 2 weeks early so was weeny, very cute though. But didn't make me want another. Honest.)Finally got home at around 7pm, having been out since 8.30am. Loooong day.

Saturday: *gawjuss* sunshine, so despite much leftover dentist pain, decided it was too nice to stay in, promptly went for a long walk along the seafront with the Mr the baby & the dog, stopped off for pub lunch in the beer garden (pear cider- far better wisdom tooth painkiller than ibuprofen!), long walk home, crashed out in front of rubbish Saturday night tv. Looooong day numero deux.

Sunday: Again, scrummy weather, decided it'd be a good idea to jump on the train & go to Brighton. Much pounding of highstreet later, got home, cooked dinner, zonked. Yeah, Looooooong day hat-trick.

Monday: More sunshine? Why you are surely spoiling us Madame Nature! There was a big ol' fete/procession/charidee affair on in town, so we went & had a nosey at that, and then as is tradition on Bank Holiday Mondays, headed to the pub for their daytime-kids-welcome-karaoke affair. (My sister works in the pub & one of my best mates does the karaoke - be rude not to :D)
Got home all walked & sung out, and yes indeed, that made 4 on the looooong day tick chart.

Back to today...
the little dude was awake at 5.30am. Bear in mind that he is a dream baby who usually lets me sleep till at least 6.45, and had hardly any naps yesterday, so I was (foolishly) hoping for a reasonable lie-in. Still, he was quite happy laying in bed with me till about 7am, then started shouting for a bottle.

Here's where it all went wrong.
Usually, we get up at 7am, Dylan enjoys breakfast while watching GMTV, we play for a while, then he goes for a nap at about 9. That's been our routine since he was about 4 weeks old.

Today, I was an exhausted, sleepy, lazy mummy.
So when Daddy made up a bottle & brought it into the bedroom, I thought 'Ah what the hell' propped the little dude up in our bed, and fed him there. All good. Don't know whether he was just super comfy or exhausted from the full on weekend, but he fell asleep again pretty much as soon as he was finished, for a good 2 hours.

He woke up FULL of beans, demanding to be fed, entertained, changed - all the usual.
The window for his afternoon nap came & went.
His afternoon feed came & went. Still no sign of sleep.
We played, we danced, we listened to The Guillemots.
Nope, not tired.
We read a story.
Not tired.
Got to about 4pm & the cranky kicked in with a vengeance.
Cuddles didn't work, rocking didn't work, singing didn't work.
He cried.
I cried.
Daddy got home at 6.30, mummy was frazzled & relieved.
7pm bottle came and went.
8.30 - FINALLY, a sleeping baby.

So now, my head is pounding & I'm twice as tired as I was this morning.
Lesson learned? Do not mess with the routine.

Not ever!


  1. These little people certainly like the comfort of a routine.....something I'm not excellent at.

    We have a sort of half routine but nothing set in stone.

    Congrats to your friend.

  2. These are tough lessons to learn aren't they? And very true! We like to think that we can make baby fit seemlessly into OUR routine but they quickly teach us why that won't work! On weekends our routines tend to go out the window as well as Daddy is home all day. It's hard isn't it? Good for you for surviving! Sounds like you had a great weekend in the process though! ;)

  3. Sounds like you had a really eventful weekend.

    When we mess with the routine, babies always pay us back, I think it's because they like to remind us who is actually the boss!!

  4. Hey there.
    Just to let you know you're one of the nominees for Moment of the Month over at http://www.enjoytheride.co.uk. I had to leave a comment to contact you, but mail me for more details!
    p.s. I love that you were dancing to the Guillemots with him. Awww

  5. Karin- They really are! I now know better than to slob around in bed :P And we're the same when Daddy's off - all goes to pot!
    It was a great weekend though, and the LD enjoyed it too, so totally worth it :)

    Lorraine- *very* eventful! fun though - and lots of spoiling for the little dude :) - you're right though, he's definitely the boss!

    Enjoy- wow, thanks! I'm really excited! :D And yes, he loves the Guillemots - and Maximo Park - he doesn't care for nursery rhymes :D