[blogs i love]

There are *so* many talented mummys & daddys out there entertaining the masses via the medium of the blog. These are my own personal favourites - in no particular order, based on no criteria other than I love reading them.
If yours isn't on the list, maybe I don't know about it? Get in touch & let me know where it lives!
(Oh, and if you want to link to us here at http://lifewithlittledude.blogspot.com/, that would be super! - but please note, there is no 'a' in our address anymore (long story) - so don't put one in, or your link won't work :P)

Beetroot & Gherkins Bec is mummy to Mo, who's 2, and currently baking pickle, due very soon. We've become 'real life' friends thanks to the wonder of twitter, and she's brilliant.  If her blog doesn't make you giggle, you might want to check you're not missing a funny bone. 
A Place of My Own Kelly is mummy to Piran, and writes some of the most beautiful, heartfelt posts ever - have lost count of the times she's made me well up like a big girl! Another tweet-come real life friend I'm very glad to have met.
The Good The Bad & The Ugly Claire is mummy to Lola & founder of The Bump Wear Project. So pleased to be able to call her a 'real' friend (thanks again twitter!) - possibly one of the funniest, fiestiest chicks I know, she says what she means, and means what she says.
Mummy Tips Sian is one of the most stylish women I know - mummy to four gorgeous and ridiculously talented children, wife to an up & coming fashion designer, *and* the founder of a very successful PR company.  What she doesn't know about baby equipment, frankly isn't worth knowing.
Soph4Soph Nat is also part of my tweet buddy posse, and she rocks.  Mummy to 4 beautiful kids, and founder of Soph4Soph clothing - super duper talented designer & seamstress and her blog is great too!
Sleep is for The Weak Josie is mummy to Kai, and her blog is one of my favourites. (Even if she's another one of those who can make you well up with just a few choice words!)
Icklebabe Helen has 3 gorgeous children and still makes time to make allsorts of beautiful things at Icklebabe.com. Milly (her youngest) is a few months older than my little monster - I like to think of her blogs as a taste of what's to come :P
Being a Mummy One of the very first mummy blogger friends I made - has offered me so much advice & reassurance - am very grateful! (And she is a fantastic writer too!)
Insomniac Mummy Sleepless in Suburbia- we can all relate, right? A great blog from a lovely mummy - *and* she provides gratuitous eye candy on Friday's - woo!
Violet Posy Liz's blog is like one of those gorgeous glossy lifestyle magazines, but better, because there's stuff you actually want to read as well as lovely pictures to look at.
Living With Kids Another lovely Liz! And another great blog covering just about everything a new mummy might need/want to know, plus reviews of allsorts of great products.
The Madhouse I love mad mum's blog - awesome mixture of funny stories, touching stories, things to make, and things to EAT! Well worth a read.
Baby Baby Sandy is a hero.  She's a brilliant mummy to two little boys born less than a year apart, and a great writer to boot.
The Babbling Mummy Clare's blog about life with her two beautiful children is great - it's real, it's honest, it's sometimes sad,sometimes funny, just like real life. Go check out this mummy's babble.
Cheshire Mum Mum of two *and* founder of the very lovely Dandelion Lounge - more proof that mummys are great at doing a million things at once!
Maternal Tales You have to add this one to your reader, you just have to.  No matter how bad your day's been, this mummy will cheer you up.  I promise.
Who's The Mummy? One of the funniet blogs on my list. Just go & read it, you won't be sorry.
Wives and Daughters Carly is probably one of the most glamarous mummys I know - and her blog about life with Baby Belle is equally so - go & see!
Dad Who Writes See, told you daddys blog too! This is just a really great blog - often thought provoking - funny - always brilliantly written.
Babyrambles Mummy to three children under 5 and still finds time to write a really great blog - puts me to shame!
Rosie Scribble 'Scribbles of a thirty-something single mum' - which everyone should read. Rosie is smart, funny, witty & well worth a click.
New Mummy Carol is another lovely mummy who provides me a 'window into the future' - her baby girl has just turned one, and judging by Carol's blog - I have a whole lot to look forward to!
Me The Man & The Baby I love Emma's blog - at times I think we could be living the same life - our little boys are about the same age & we're both first time stay at home mummys on a budget!
Cafe Bebe Karin is an American mummy to one gorgeous little girl, now living in the UK & blogging about life with Little Miss.  If you need pushchair advice, go ask Karin!
Notes From Lapland Heather is a mummy of 2, originally from the UK, now living in Lapland (nearly). She describes herself as a 'writer & pooper scooper extrordinaire', and while I can't comment on the latter, I do think she writes a great blog!
And 1 more means four Amy is mummy to four girls... with a little boy on the way! Will she change her blog name? Have to wait & see, either way I'm sure it'll still be a great read.
Carrot in Mum's Hair 'a lighter look at life, love, babies and food and sometimes the last two mixed together' - adventures in babyled weaning - great reading.

Worth mentioning, this list is a work in progress - I have a memory like a sieve & you should not be offended if i'm subscribed to your blog & you're not on it - simply poke me & I'll sort it out.
If I don't know you, but you write something you think I should be reading, point me in the right direction, and if I love it, I'll add it!