[mummy links]

There are a million sites out there buying for the attention of mummys everywhere - it's a bit overwhelming actually.  When I was first at home with a newborn, I signed up to everything - breast feeding an be a long boring process, several times a day - i needed something i could do one-handed!

Of course nowadays, my 'free time' is limited, so I'm a bit more picky, here are my favourite 'mummy sites' to visit when I get the chance for a sit down & a coffee...

Mums Rock Because there is life after birth. Interesting articles, SpeedParenting, Rock Forums, and DILFs*. I'm sold.  (*you know, like a MILF, but a daddy!)

Ask a Mum From Mother & Baby magazine - so a little more 'wholesome' than Mums Rock, but full of great advice & lovely mums.

Parentdish Little bits of everything: good stuff.