Thursday, 1 April 2010

It's not goodbye, just au-revoir.

So today, I had to delete a sprinkling of malicious comments from this blog.
Why? Well, I guess because some people are just so unfulfilled by their own life, that they feel the need to amuse themselves by picking away at the happiness of others.
Which is sort of tragic really.
What's worse, is it's not the first time.

And I know, I should rise above it, be the bigger person, not let it get to me...
And up till now, I have done.

But frankly, I'm fed up & I've had enough.
Yes, I'm pretty much certain I know who it is, no, I'm not going to go into details.
This blog is more or less anonymous - hardly anyone from my 'real life' even knows it exists - the spiteful troll in question has put some effort into finding it, which is kind of even sadder.

I considered just deleting the whole thing but have decided against it.
I love this blog, and it holds some really good memories.
What I am going to do, is export Life with a Little Dude into my other blog - - yep, I'm coming out! Which is actually pretty scary - I like that this place was quite anonymous & private - but that privacy has been invaded & tainted, so screw it. At least by going public, if this person persists, they will get found out, and I can deal with it head on, on my own terms.

The only problem now, is will you all come with me?
My other blog isn't a 'mummy blog' per se- it's a mixture of stuff, including my shops and the like - it's actually been pretty neglected lately, so this might even turn out to be a good thing (silver linings and all?)

Will I still be a 'mummy blogger'?
Or just a blogger who happens to be a mummy?

I don't know.
But I do know, I can't face deleting anymore personal attacks aimed at me or my man or my baby, it's exhausting.
So, this seems like the best idea.

Come and visit me - see if you like it, and if you do, please please re-add me to your google reader!

And to the hateful little person who forced me into this decision, please don't think you've 'won' in anyway. Every nasty word you've sent only goes to prove how much of a loser you are.
Perhaps a hobby's in order?


  1. Good for you hun, see you over at Kooky, it's already in my reader

  2. You're added to google reader ;-) We'll be coming with you, don't you worry.

  3. I'll come and visit. Horrible person, I can empathise xx

  4. Good luck sweety. I started writing on line anon in '98 and eventually in 2001 I 'came out' and decided that whoever didn't like it, didn't have to read it. End of. It's a tough choice to make, but I found it very freeing. Best of luck. Will add your new blog to this one!

  5. Good plan I am following / stalking you ovr there already!

  6. Good luck honey, I can't believe people can be so horrible. Much love x

  7. Oh hun I have a similar person in my life who has attempted to leave bitchy comments a few too many times but like you say, their the sad ones for searching for it in the first place... going over to follow you now :D

  8. I don't understand some people, why would they do it? I'll be reading you in your new place!

  9. Sorry to hear you've had trouble with a nasty troll. I'm coming over - hope Sheldon the Snail has gone with you. M x