To discuss product reviews, competitions or giveaways please send an email in the first instance to: littledudesmummy@googlemail.com - many thanks.

[Reviews Policy]


This is, and always will be, a personal blog, written by me, expressing my views, and my thoughts.

However, from time to time, I am asked to do reviews of various products and services, in return for which, I may be allowed to keep said products, or receive payment by way of vouchers or services. (Though FYI, PR companies, cash is fine too.  As is chocolate :D)

I have chosen to display the "British Mummy Bloggers Do It with Integrity" badge, as it stands for blogging with principle.
I will only choose to review products relevant to my blog & my readers, I will always clearly label sponsored posts, and I'll only ever offer a completely honest, impartial review of a product or company.

If you'd like to see all my reviews to date, you can click 'reviews' in my label cloud, if you'd rather not read them at all, please feel free to skip.

You can also see me reviewing products as part of the teams over at Living with Kids & The Great Toy Guide.