[all about us]

Us = Me, The Mummy, who writes the blog you're looking at now, The Daddy, also known as The Mr, my gorgeous fiance of many many years & co-maker of The Little Dude, our baby boy, who turned two into three in April 2009.

I started this blog a few weeks after TLD was born - on discovering the wonderful world that is Mummy Blogging (yes, and Daddy's, but really boys, the girls are kicking your butts in terms of numbers, sorry, s'true.).
It started as a place to ramble, somewhere to put sleep deprived thoughts & worries, to beam proudly, and gush unashamedly (for posterity & to avoid boring family & friends to tears in equal measures.)

It's still all of that (particuarly the sleep deprived ramblings), but it's evolving too - it's become a place to share links to other places - places I have found invaluable as a new mummy, bits and pieces that i love & think other mummys might too, and somewhere to shout about the brilliant people I've met who are always on hand with advice, stories, or just a sympathetic nod of the head that says 'yep, been there.'

So get comfy, have a look around, and if you like what you see, why not subscribe to our rss feed to stay updated?(Big blue button, over there >>> ;) - or become a follower, whatever floats your boat.
Thanks for dropping by, enjoy