Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Daddy's day preparation... it incredibly geekish that I'm really excited about fathers day on Sunday?

I'm sure I looked like a complete loony in the card shop earlier - holding an array of options over the pram for the little dude's perusal.
'do you think daddy will like this one? or what about this one?'
yes, probably looked like a bit of a crazy lady.
and I admit, I did spend a small fortune on pointless silliness (photograph to follow - daddy is in the room just now - don't want to spoil the surprise!!), but a. it's his first fathers day, so I want it to be special, and b. he did set the bar pretty high on mothers day - I got beautiful flowers and chocolates, and the noodle was still only a bump!
so yes, I think it's only fair he does a little better than the traditional pair of socks :)

oh, and I may have picked up an 'I ♥ my daddy' tee in the George sale, for the little dude to wear on Sunday.

oooh, and I did just order this lovely book from too, because it looks super sweet, and it was only a fiver. and it's good to encourage babies to like books, right? :D

but that's it, honest. no more spending.

other than to buy *MY* dad a card - evidence of mushy mummy brain exhibit A: go to card shop, buy card for the daddy, card for my daddy from the little dude (cheeky that - since when do grandads get cards too?!), card for my daddy from my dog (because he's been walking her for me since the noodle came along, and I thought it was funny :P), yet completely forgot to get my daddy a card from me. his daughter. oops. back to town tomorow then.

what's probably even geekier though, is that I was daydreaming earlier about when the noodle's old enough to be giving daddy home made cards and presents - can't wait for all that :D
Yes, he's 8 weeks old. I'll stop wishing the years away now :P

what's everyone else got planned for Sunday I wonder? I'm intrigued as to whether people still make a big deal of it as the children get older?
Or whether the children just pretend to humour their crazy-lady mummy? ;)


  1. If you can't make a fuss on Daddy's first Father's Day, when can you?
    My toddler made his first work of art at playgroup yesterday, a father's day card. I got really emotional about it, he got covered in glue! I made a card from the baby and have bought Daddy sweets and a Tshirt.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. My son is 18m, we have made a card,and bought a special photo-card with a pic of Daddy and boy (he always gets a bought and a made) and bought him a special photo-mug with lots of pics of baby on having loads of fun with Daddy. Got to make a fuss :-)

  3. I love doing special things for father's day although I'm really behind this year and haven't even got a card yet! Both of the children have made cards with their childminder and S made W 2 ties at playgroup! It is great when they start making stuff themselves, so much better than anything shop bought.

  4. You're it! x