Monday, 15 June 2009

Eight weeks of baby bliss...

Have I really had him for 56 whole days already?
Apparently so.
Everyone tells you how fast time flies when these gorgeous little people finally join the world, but you don't appreciate how true that is until you're living it.
Or how brilliant every minute of it is :D

So other than the fact that my delicious little boy is the world's biggest time thief, here are 8 more lessons I've learned in my first 8 weeks of being a mummy:

1. new parents can survive on surprisingly little sleep.
(by survive, I do of course mean 'maintain basic body functions & do everything baby demands, when baby demands it.)
2. leaving the house is now a military operation. and no matter how many times you check the nappy bag, you'll ALWAYS forget something.
3. old people LOVE babies. admittedly, I live in Worthing, affectionately known as 'God's waiting room' on account of it's high percentage of pensioner-plus-aged residents, so maybe it's more noticeable, but they DO! not once have Dylan & I been out & about without at least one member of the older generation stopping to coo. which is nice really, but a little strange the first few times!
4. always , always, always, take a baby's socks off before his nappy. it's far easier to clean poo off his feet than his socks!!
5. and while we're in the nappy area - in the case of little boys - always make sure he is pointing DOWN! (they don't tell you THAT at ante-natal classes - took me several wet sleepsuits to work it out!!
6. it's amazing the amount of things you can learn to do one handed.
7. it's a tad embarassing when you forget to switch out of baby-talk mode before answering the phone. helllooooooo!! (luckily, it was only telesales!!)
8. a nappy full of what seems like more than baby's weight in poo, followed by an hour of inconsoleable crying, is forgotten in a flash when your baby grabs your finger and looks at you like you're his favourite thing in the world.

and when they start finding their smiles, as the little dude has done in the last few days, well there's absolutely nothing that can't fix.
it's the best thing in the world :)


  1. How lovely, first smiles are so special.
    Yes, 'dinkle down' in the nappy is sooo important :-)

  2. Perfectly Happy Mum16 June 2009 at 09:56

    Very well said! and yes pointing down is a must! :)

  3. Mrs OMG Pregnant16 June 2009 at 19:48

    Just came across your Blog from BMB, and a lovely read. It's nice to heart what new mums have to say from a soon to be new mum! Looking forward to reading more xx

  4. Ahh no. 5!! Little S once weed in his own face when he was a baby! Baby smiles are the best, I still can't get enough!