Sunday, 13 December 2009

Where's the pause button please?

It's been TWO weeks since I blogged. Where on earth has that gone?  It's not that I've got nothing to say, not at all, almost daily I think 'ooh, I could do a post about...', and I've actually even taken to geekishly scribbling ideas down sometimes (s'what proper writers do, apparently), it's just that I simply haven't had time to sit at the laptop long enough or with enough brain power to actually formulate thoughts and sentences.  Even my beloved twitter has been neglected - that my friends, is the sign of a busy mummy!

And I shouldn't complain, because aside from a few really gruesome teething days, it's generally good stuff keeping me busy ( like my shiney new Xplory!! {whole 'nother post in the making}, Christmassy planning, lots of coffee dates, a couple of nights out with the daddy, meeting up with Bec & Kelly & their boys for festive fun, putting up the Christmas tree today... allsorts of goodies), but the last couple of weeks really have left me feeling like I need a time out. A day or two to myself to just chill out & catch up with the seven million and three things that need my attention. And before you all shout Duh! You're a mum now, never gonna happen! I do know it's not - but wouldn't it be nice if life did come with a pause button?

Everything could just stop. Just for a while. Long enough to drink a hot cup of tea without having to change a nappy, or dispense teething aids, or run interference between increasingly mobile baby & dog bowl. Just enough time to actually cross a few things off the perpetual to-do list and remember that smug feeling of accomplishment.  Wouldn't that be brilliant?

But of course, in real life, we just have to keep going.  And going. And I know this all sounds a bit whiney, and it really wasn't supposed to, but I guess it's the sleep deprived tiredness taking it's toll, and the niggly stupid cold/cough deelie that's been bugging me for far too long now. I just feel all a bit run down and overwhelmed. I've lost my neurotic mojo. I'm disorganised & nowhere near on top of things. And I don't like it.

Still, tomorrow is a whole new week. We're officially counting down to Christmas. I can get back on top of my game, and damn it, I will!  Because I am a mummy, and that is what mummys do. 

Bring it on.


  1. Oh a pause button would be wonderful. Life doest get kind of Hectic on the build up to christmas, there is not enough hours in the day!!

  2. Oh I so know this feeling. But we will all get there, somehow. (We are rather hurtling towards the big day though, aren't we??) I have found that one or two things are starting to slide - but as you say: brand new week and off we go!

  3. Nuts isn't it! Nothing prepares you for that relentlesss rollercoaster/treadmill! And those without urchins simply do not know!
    You'll get on it buddy, we Mums have an amazing capacity for coffee and achieving the extra hour in the day?

  4. I've been exactly the same lately! There's something about this time of year isn't there?! But I do love the hustle and bustle of Christmas (and mummyhood of course!) even if it does eat into my blogging time x

  5. Perhaps Santa could bring you an extra hour for each day?

    I am very glad that you made time in your busy life to see us in real life last week :)

    Hope that your first Christmas with LD is amazing. I want to see photos of him as a reindeer :)

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