Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow Bored Now

I was excited when the snow started. 

Being a native Scot now living about as South as you can go, I miss it. I have fond memories of 'proper' winters with LOADS of soft fluffy snow to make angels in & have snowball fights with, and the simple pleasure of rolling a giant snowball to see just how big you could get it before it was too hard to roll anymore.  Fun stuff.  So yes, when the first few flurries hit, I was like a little girl all over again.  I wrapped the little dude up in his big chinky snow suit, took him out in the back garden, snapped the obligatory 'first snow' shot, all good fun.

Then a couple of days passed. No sign of a thaw. The soft fluffy snow drifts soon became rock hard ledges of doom. Where there were pavements, there are now 3 inch slabs of solid ice, which are no fun for feet, much less stroller wheels.  So now, it's rubbish.  The litle man & I haven't been able to get out & about since TUESDAY. Play dates have been cancelled, plans of fun stuff have been all messed up and we are officially getting a little bit stir crazy.  Well, I am.  The little man is more than happy with hours of trying to climb up, over, around and under anything and everything.  And Night Garden of course. There's always Night Garden.  I, on the other hand, feel a bit like I'm losing my tiny mind. 

I should use the time to play catch up with all those little bits and pieces I keep meaning to get round to, but of course I don't. Instead I play with my little monster, I make us lunch, I read stories.  And when he finally gives in to the occassional nap, rather than becoming a one-woman flurry of productivity, i drink tea & tweet about how annoying it is not being able to get anything done. Yes, I'm my own worst enemy, I know.

I really need to relocate my neurotic compulsion for writing lists & making the most of every useable minute of the day.  If you see it, give me a shout.

Tomorrow, I'll get some Things Done.  Really, I will.


  1. We are the same, the boys have decided that they dont like being cold anymore!!

  2. We were like that for the first two days and then the kids went back to school Friday and I realised what a pig sty I had let the flat get into even though we hadn't been out much.So much of Friday and yesterday was spent cleaning, food shopping and finally cooking and baking to stock up the frezer.I think we'll venture outside today as there's no guarantee the schools will be open tomorrow and this white stuff loks like it's going be here another week.I hope the weathe lets up soon so you can get together with other mums.

  3. I have had moments of feeling the same but in actual fact have secretly enjoyed not rushing around to different play dates and feel like I've connected so much with my little boy and been able to see really fully and close up the awesomeness that is MO! Sound nuts? Probably. But it's like holding a magnifying glass up to him and his chatter, we have cooked and baked together, watched movies that we both love disney/wallace and gromit etc,played with play dough/trains/cars/puzzles and he has been the best snow company. Just wish James hadn't been on 2 earlies and 4 nights as would of quite liked to have seen him too!
    So basically, forget the jobs and snuggle dude and just go with it, this will be something in history you'll tell him about when he's a big boy!

  4. The novelty has well and truly worn off now, especially as I am due back at work next week and so I have missed out on a few days of getting myself organised because nursery has been closed. On the upside, I have had all that time to spend with my children - the last for a while!

  5. It is a bit on the boring side with babies that cannot play in it, go sledging or make snowmen. Snowball fights would just be one sided and seen as quite mean too :)

    I am done with snow, luckily Piran has been very good considering he has not had a lot of fresh air and all normal activities have been canceled. I just wish I had friends within walking distance when the weather is like this.

  6. I'm really enjoying being the one that is for once not bitching about the snow (surprisingly we haven't got any) and feeling smug as I watch everyone else get less and less enchanted with it. Have to say that I HATE it, almost as much as my boys love it. May it thaw soon!

  7. Things are looking up lovelies - the thaw is upon us!!
    SUCH a relief - we actually managed to get out in the real life fresh air today!! Woooo!

    I'm sure snow days will be more fun in years to come, when the litle man & I can actually play in it & stuff, for now though, I'm glad it's gone!!

  8. Yep, we finally seem to be thawed out - such a relief to be able to et back out into the world! :D

  9. I hope the thaw is hitting where you are too?

  10. Ah, extra time with your munchkins is definitely an upside :)

    Hope the thaw is hitting where you are too!

  11. Aww, it doesn't sound nuts, it sounds lovely :)
    I'm sure I'll enjoy it much more in years to come when D & I can enjoy the time together & actually *do* stuff.

    We have indulged in a lot of quality snuggle time though, which has been fab :) xxx

  12. I don't blame you for being smug!!
    Thankfuly, we seem to be thawing out now, super relief!! :D

  13. Hahaha! Yes, snow ball fights would be a tiny bit mean :D

    I've lovd the quality mummy & baby time, but am SO super glad to be seeing it clear now - normality returns, yay!