Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Gallery: Colour

Week three of The Gallery already? Is it just me, or is each week evaporating faster than the last lately?

Anyway, this week's title, is 'Colour'.
I thought about showing you a photo of my favourite colour (purple), or maybe my most favourite dress (blue), my eyes? (green, in case you were wondering), the little dude's eyes? (biggest blues you ever did see, gets 'em from his daddy)... but in the end, I thought why not show you ALL the colours? Or quite a lot of them at least.

So, voila:
Prettyful, no?!
This is a scene from a game The Little Dude & I have invented, whereby we line up all his stacking cups & fill them up with smaller toys of the same colour.

Mummy over enthusiastically names all the colours, Little Dude plops the GREEN marracca in the green cup, mummy gets all over excited and convinces herself she's raising a child genius.
(Yes, yes, I know, it's highly likely to be more luck than judgement when he gets it right, I'm not completely deluded ...honest.)

Anyway, it's an easy way to keep the little man amused. He loves it. And it holds his attention a lot longer than just sorting the shapes into the sorter.

And it's certainly colourful.
Don't forget to visit Tara's blog for the links to lots more pretty pictures too - there have been some amazing photos to look at the last couple of weeks, I'm sure this week will be the same.


  1. I remember when our toy box used to look very similar to that

  2. Me too, Mad House, now all his "toys" are black/silver electrical ones!
    Lovely photo!

  3. I had a similar photo in mind for my colour idea, childrens toys are amazing colourful arent they! J's room gives me a headache!

  4. So colourful. Lovely, and lovely for the kids to have some real colour in their life!

  5. Colourful it certainly is. Great idea for a game too, and as long as it keeps him happy thats what counts

  6. The joys of all the plastic toys that little ones have! I remember being rather relieved at getting past that stage, although I now have a dining room table constantly covered in mid-battle Warhammer "don't move it even one inch, Mum, while I'm at school, or it'll all go wrong"!

  7. Haha, really made me smile. Such a happy 'colourful' picture. :0)

  8. Love the game and might adopt it too, gorgeous photo and I nearly chose toys as well.

  9. Genius idea. Will be playing that later! Love the picture too

  10. I thought it was going to be like that scene in ET where there is a child's face in amongst all the toys. Or an alien! Very clever!

  11. Thank you everyone!

    And Tara - THAT would have been hilarious, wish I'd thought of it!!

  12. Awww. And there's Upsy Daisy lying in the back of the picture. Looks very much like our playroom!