Saturday, 20 March 2010

It's The Final Countdown!

Today, my little boy is 11 months old.
This time next month, I'll have a ONE year old.  Yikes.

It's a funny thing to ponder really.  On one hand, it feels like a million years since I was waddling around chatting to my bump, but on the other I can't quite believe how quickly the tiny little baby we brought home from hospital has turned into the proper little person I spend most of the day chatting to now.

Eleven months ago, his talents were pretty much limited to lying on his back, blowing bubbles, shouting for food & snoozing.
Nowadays, he hardly sits still. Crawling, climbing, couch surfing, babbling & chattering, trying so hard to find his feet and his first words.
His personality shines through a little more everyday. 
He's so mischevious, so cheeky, but so loving too, he gives great cuddles & big sloppy kisses. He loves meeting people and other babies (particuarly the laydees, he's a huge flirt) and he's a generous little monkey - usually expressed by smooshing his rusk into mummy's face, but the sentiment is good, right?
He's curious and inquisitive - definitely wired a little differently (prefering to climb up his walker than push from behind, and to build towers on the sleeping dog rather than the floor) but that's all part of what makes him brilliant. 
I love watching him develop - every day brings something new - something different to make him giggle, another corner he's managed to get into (and sometimes get himself stuck), something he's never tried before for lunch bringing a smile to his face... it's impossible to get bored.

And as much as I always swore I'd never be one of those 'gushy mummies', It's impossible not to beam with pride and be super proud of the little person he's becoming.

Who knows what skills he'll have added to his bambino CV by the time he's one - I can't wait to find out, but I'm going to try & really savour this last month of him being a 'proper' baby.  And at the same time, try to brace myself for what comes next.  Wish me luck!


  1. It's amazing how quickly they grow isn't it? My daughter just turned two and that was even weirder than her being one! So much learning in so little time :)

    I've tagged you in the happiness meme over at mine if you're interested

  2. Aww, such a lovely post and its so true!
    Milly turned 1 at the end of january, and the moment she did, she seemed to change.
    She is now most certainly a little toddling girl rather than a baby, and I do get a little pang about that I have to admit!
    Not because I don't want her to grow up, but just because it was all over way to quickly!:D x

  3. How lovely. This made me feel quite tearful (my firstborn is just about to hit 15). I love your description of him - full of fun and laughter. Gorgeous! x

  4. Ahhh you made me all teary! My little Lady E is 10 months old today.

    How quickly the time passes but how wonderful to see our beautiful little people flourish.


  5. What a lovely post, I miss the baby that I brought home from the hospital , but the little people that they turn into are a true wonder. Enjoy your last month with the baby dylan before your big boy emerges.

  6. Aw, time really flies doesn't it? My little boy just turned 13 months and I can't believe how quickly it's gone. Mind you I could say the same about my six year old. It's funny: they're not 'real' babies for long, but they're your 'baby' forever!

  7. *grins* you have every right to feel proud.

    Treasure every second, if you think this first year has flown you just wait and see how fast the next ones go! My "babies" are both in school now and I miss those beautiful early days although every day still brings something new :)