Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Note to self:

Just incase I get all baby-brained in the next few months (which is quite highly likely), I am writing myself this note.
So if anyone catches me getting all misty eyed & nostalgic about being a preggopot, please point me back here!


Dear Leslieanne,

This is what's left of your sensible pre-mummy brain talking, please pay attention!

Today, you took the little dude to the weigh-in clinic, and couldn't quite believe that the tiny little person you brought home 15 weeks ago, now weighs over a stone. 14lb 4oz to be exact. We've certainly come a long way from those horrible few days back in hospital where he was struggling to put on any weight at all... in fact, that all seems like about a million years ago now.
But I'm steering away from the point.

At the clinic, there were lots of really tiny babies. As in, of the just a few days and weeks old variety, and you struggled to remember the Little Dude ever being that little.
Those dinky pink wrinkly bundles, with their eyes barely open, their arms and legs still curled up tight, their tiny little fingers... well, yes, they made you go aawww, and they made you smile.

And yes, one day, you'd very much like to give The Little Dude a little brother or sister to play with, but NOT YET!!!

So just incase you get too clucky too quickly, and before you launch yourself at The Daddy saying 'I want another one!', please remember:

1. Being a preggopot was hard work, and you promised yourself at least a 2 year break before doing it again.
2. There are no more free rooms in the house!! Do you *really* want to move again already?
3. You are *this* close to being back in non-preggo jeans. Let yourself enjoy being vaguely skinny again for a little while at least!
4. The Little Dude is now giving you a good solid 6 hours of sleep most nights - it did not start that way!! Do you really want to go back to an hour or two at best just yet?
5. The Little Dude is amazing. He is changing & learning & developing daily. He's coming up with his own little personality & picking up new skills (and anything else he can get his hands on) all the time. He makes you beam with pride on an hourly basis. Do you really want to miss one single moment of the excitement because you're too tired being all pregnant with numero deux? No.

Our time will come again, and it'll be magical all over again, but for now, let's just enjoy what we've got!

Still, can't hurt to carefully pack away all the tiny little clothes the noodle is growing out of... just incase ;)


  1. lol! Very nice:) Totally understand, am trying to lose baby weight as we speak (dominoes pizza does NOT count!) and do not want to look at maternity clothes for a loooong time!

  2. Wah! I want another baby! I loved your description of the newborns. I think I'd better write myself a letter. On the other hand, my husband thinks I'm mental for wanting another and he does have a say in the matter, so I don't really need to write that letter after all :-(
    Delighted that LD has piled on the pounds :-)

  3. Beware of crazy horniness when you ovulate again...........this is the advice of someone who got pregnant before her period returned and her LO was only 6 months old!!!

  4. Before you know it, it's not the sweet calls of 'mummy' or 'mum' anymore. Its 'Oi you!', 'Leave me alone' and 'I hate you!'.

    Oh, the joys of parenting!

    Enjoy this special time with Little Dude - its over in the blink of an eye.


  5. miss leslieanne7 August 2009 at 11:16

    @mammy: it's so hard isn't it? especially when eating chocolate digestives is so much quicker than preparing a healthy lunch :P

    @sandy: aww, maybe he'll come round to your way of thinking when they're a little older :D

    @jen: yikes! duly noted!!

    @RM: that's a scary thought! I remember what a horrible teenager I was & it makes me shudder!
    And you're so right - the time goes crazy fast.

    LA xx