Monday, 10 August 2009

What a difference 16 weeks makes!

The little dude has been here for 112 days today!
It amazes me how much he’s changed in that time – aside from over doubling in size! He’s constantly smiling now (oh how I love that big gummy grin when I get him up from his naps!), getting more vocal by the day, and *this* close to sitting up unaided!

He’s so much more interactive too – with me, his daddy, other babies – the dog!
Rather than just looking all cute and dinky & sleeping & pooping, he’s developing a proper litle personality - he's a total chatterbox, grabbing everything he can get his hands on, always looking round, taking everything in. He’s brilliant.

And of course, I’ve done 16 weeks of intensive mummy-training too, and d’you know what? I think I’m actually getting pretty good at it!

- I can change even the most explosive nappy in less than a minute
- I can get the LD dressed in less than 5 – without worrying that I’m going to bend an arm the wrong way or twist an ankle! (his, not mine :P)
- I can (at a push) have us both washed, dressed, fed & out the door before 10am
- I can tell the difference between cries for ‘I’m hungry!’, ‘I’m bored’, ‘I need a new nappy!’, never believed that would happen!
- I can trust myself to know that the LD is well fed without having to neurotically set alarms on my mobile to make sure he’s feeding 3-hourly-on-the-dot-like-clockwork (I love that one!)
- I can pretty much count on getting at least 6 hours of sleep at night! (Love that one even more!)
- I can do a whole bunch of things one-handed.
- I can multitask like no ones business – loading the washing machine while making bottles, eating toast & brushing my hair? No problem.

Don’t worry though, I’m not about to get to get all smug & complacent – I’m well aware that there’s still lots to learn!

The LD will be crawling before I know it (what do I do then when I need to nip to the loo? Can’t just leave him lying on his play mat, safe in the knowledge he’ll still be there when I get back!!), and of course weaning is on the horizon (am currently reading up on babyled weaning after everyone’s advice – interesting stuff!), plus a million other new challenges I haven’t even thought of yet.

Honestly though, I’m loving every minute of it.
Who knows what the little dude & I will have learned in another 16 weeks?
All I do know, is that I can’t wait to find out.


  1. He is soo cute! Its amazing how quckly time goes and how they learn so much! I Put BG either in her high chair or in her cot when I go to the loo now that she's crawling!

  2. Trying to think back to what I did with M when she was at the crawling stage and I wanted to go to the loo. I honestly don't know. I seriously think I may have abstained from using the toilet for approximately the first 15 months of her life. EmmaJaneR

  3. Aah - that's so lovely - you're right - what a difference 16 weeks make!! It's incredible what Mothers are able to do - who would have thought changing a pooey nappy would be so much fun! And guess what??? There's still way more fun to come... xxxx

  4. The wife of bold11 August 2009 at 11:36

    Adorable! Glad your enjoying motherhood so much and just wait until he reache's 6 months that's when all the fun and games really begin :)

  5. Liz (LivingwithKids)11 August 2009 at 12:43

    Such precious moments - it goes so quickly and before you know it they're demanding new XBox 360 games and hanging out with girls! I think I used to wee really really quickly but def get a stair gate for the crawling stage - you can use for doorways too - and possibly a play pen.

  6. Lovely post. They grow soooo fast. My second little person, Little E, is 11 weeks now :).

    When Big E could crawl and I needed to pop upstairs I'd put him in his bouncer chair for a few minutes.

  7. How lovely. I can relate to all of that, especially the doing everything one handed!
    I'm trying to think what I did with P when he started crawling and I needed to leave him. I think I popped him in his Chicco Walker. I can't remember, I have baby brain!

  8. You're doing a great job! Dont think I did all that within a year let alone 112 days!

    Goes fast doesnt it? Enjoy whilst there still small and dont answer back! RMxx

  9. Thank you for all the lovely comments!
    And for the tips on what to do with the little man when he's officially mobile!!

    I'm so lucky to have all you clever mummys who've been ther & done it to dish out advice :D xx