Thursday, 20 August 2009

Oh it's a good week!

It may have started out all snuffly (and to be honest, our noses are still not entirely fixed, but we're better than we were), but it's hard to care with all the goodies that are out-weighing the sneezes!

Yesterday, we had a lovely sunshiney day - LD & I pottered round town, strolled along the seafront, and spent the afternoon in our Local Pub Beer Garden with his godfather - thoroughly pleasant :)

Plus, I'm all over the place on the internets :)

* Cafe Bebe has a yummy new look, (if you've never visited before - now's the time - it's a great site!) and if you check out the mumpreneur page - there be a link to kooky boutique - that's me that is!

* the very lovely Carol over at new mummy (another great blog that you should all be reading!), kindly let me loose on her first guest post- go read & comment - maybe she'll have me back one day!

* bumpy blogger extrordinaire Mrs OMG is hosting the BMB carnival (which Life with a Little Dude is in - woo, our first one!) - *and* just to show off & prove there are no end to her talents, she has a new project in the pipeline too (follow @BumpWearProject to stay updated), and I'm featured in it as a best dressed bump :) *blush*

* my twittery procrastination habit has paid off - I made #50 in the list of 99 british mummy bloggers, and am in very good company there - go check 'em out - and if you don't already, come follow me! (I mostly talk rubbish, but it's fun rubbish :D)

and and AND!!
Big big thank you to Yummy Mummy Tips (yes, another great blog - go read it, you'll see.) for the chance to win such a brilliant prize - I can't wait - and it's perfect timing for The Little Dude to start weaning in style :)

So yes, not a bad week really - and it's only Thursday!
Maybe I'll go buy a lottery ticket... :D


  1. yay lucky you!! I wanted that trip trapp! Of course I'll have you back x

  2. You are welcome... You are well on the way to fully fledged Yummy Mummy now!

  3. Perfectly Happy Mum20 August 2009 at 16:04

    WOOHOO well done! sounds like a great week indeed :)

  4. NM: thank you!! I'm sorry - if I win the lottery on Saturday, you canm have it :)
    yummymummy: aww, thanks!!
    PerfHappyMum: Thanks :) Feeling all proud of myself!

  5. Mrs OMG Pregnant20 August 2009 at 20:03

    Look missy, stop showing off ... you know that prize had my name all over it!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for the shout out though, muchos gracias! xx

  6. Oooh you're doing well!! xx