Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The best things in life are free.

Yep, they really are you know.
The South's most rockingest bump of the moment, Miss Beetroot & Gherkins, tagged me sometime ago in a meme to illustrate that very point, and this is me finally getting around to doing it.  (I always get there in the end!)  In short, I have to share with you, good readers, my 10 favourite things that cost nothing.  So here we go...

1. My family.  More specifically, my man, my baby boy, and my dog.  My little posse are all I really need to be happy.  I forget that sometimes, but then one of them will do something to make me smile & I am swiftly reminded.  Love them.

2. Laughing.  There are few better feelings than an uncontrolable, unstoppable, fit of giggles.  The ones that have you gasping for air, hugging your aching ribs & crossing your legs so as not to pee your pants.  In the words of the great Dick Van Dyke, I love to laugh.

3. Cuddles.  From the Mr, the Little Dude, chums, other peoples kiddlies, random strangers on the stroke of midnight at New Years... all good.  The best though, is a big group squish with my two best boys before we get up in the morning.  The little dude curls up in between us & we sneak a few extra minutes of zzz's before facing the day.  No other feeling like it :)

4. Sunshine. I like winter, and I actually sort of love autumn - actually, I love the seasons and the changes they bring in general, but my favourite is a bright sunshiney day with clear blue skies save for an occassional candyfloss cloud.  You can't not smile on a day like that.

5. Birds singing.  I love little tweetie birds.  We get quite a nice variety in out garden and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to listen to them tweeting and chirping. And gooing in the case of the big fat wood pigeons with their fancy pants collars.  It must be a pretty good life being a birdy.  They're always cheerful.

6. Trips down memory lane.  You know, when you sit in with someone you love & a bottle of plonk & wind up just chattering about days gone by... 'Do you remember that time when...' blah blah blah.  I'm a nostalgic fool and I love to reminice.

7. Daydreaming.  In my former life, before boarding the good ship motherhood, I did *a lot* of office jobs.  And spent *many* a bored-out-of-my-pretty-head hour gazing out of the window pondering what I might be doing instead if I scored a huge lotto win.  Or if I happened to bump into Johnny Depp in Cafe Nero.  Or if Simon Cowell happened to be in the pub when I was singing karaoke and insisted on signing me up right there and then.  You know, normal stuff.

8. Sitting indoors, cosy & warm, watching the rain.  I hate walking in the rain (doesn't everyone?), but I love watching it pour down when I'm safe & dry inside.

9. Rainbows.  Just one of the most pointless, random, and yet utterly beautiful things ever. Well done nature, well done.

10. Watching the Little Dude sleep.  Particuarly when he crashes out on top of me.  One of the best feelings in the world is a tiny baby cuddling up to you, getting all comfy and squishy, and falling asleep.  I don't think I've ever seem anything more content in all my life.

As is the way with memes. I'm supposed to tag some lovelies to carry on the happy - but as I've left it so long, everyone I know has probably done it.  So, if you haven't, consider yourelf tagged & come back & leave me a coment with a link to your post :)


  1. All great things. I am making the most of the early morning stopping in bed cuddles with Piran because I am sure as soon as he can escape under his own steam they will all be over!

  2. Ohh you have a lovely list there. Rainbows and watching rain are a couple of my favourites too. I have just found your blog today ad signed up a sa follower. Mich x

  3. To cheer you up I have given you an award over at my blog

  4. I do number 7 *all the time*

    and the rainbow one made me giggle :)

  5. Thank you for that I could really so with cheering up, as we are deserate for money at the moment

  6. that was a wonderfuly cheery post. i love rainbows, fabulous uplifting things.

  7. Thanks for all the comments lovely peeps :)

    @Kelly- yep, LD has quite a short cuddle-up attention span now he's mobile, but he's usually good for 10 minutes while I'm still waking up :)
    (and thanks for the award!)

    @michelle - thank you! lovely to have you on board :)

    @josie - it's the best way to kill an hour isn't it?

    @the mad house - oh i can *so* relate. it sucks :( glad i could cheer you up a little though :)

    @heather - they really are aren't they? no purpose per se, just pretty.

  8. ooh, and @Liz - yep, here i am! :D
    (sorry I forgto to tell you I'd gone walk about xx)

  9. Lately I have been doing alot of number 8. Lots of rain here.


  10. It really puts life into perspective when you stop and think. Rainbows are amazing things aren't they!