Sunday, 14 February 2010

The surrealism of Motherhood...

The very lovely Carly over at Wives & Daughters, is holding a fantastic carnival, with a bunch of great prizes up for grabs, all about people's top 10 surreal mummy moments. To be perfectly honest, as a first time mummy, everything is still a bit surreal most days (even now, nearly 10 months on!), but I've narrowed it down, and here's my top ten...

1. Laying in the bath at 8 months pregnant (having had help from the Mr to get in there in the first place), watching my bump literally wriggling - less movement in the last trimester? Yeah.  Tell that to the Little Dude.

2. Coming round after my emergency c-section to see the Mr looking like an extra from Scrubs, with a tiny little baby in his arms and me asking 'is he ours?'.  (He was.)

3. Day 3 - 4am feed - having been awake for about 26 hours, I was sat with the Little Dude breastfeeding and me watching god-awful infomercials, thinking who on earth watches this junk let alone buys it? And then thinking, ooh, actually, that looks pretty good...

4. The first time I phoned the doctors to book LD an appointment (for his first round of jabs).  Saying the words 'I'd like to book an appointment for my son', out loud, to a complete stranger - suddenly made everything very real, and a bit odd.  In a good way.

5. The first time we left him with someone else for a whole day.  We had tickets to see Blur in Hyde Park, I had been looking forward to it forEVER, but spent all day feling like I'd lost a limb.  So surreal.  And just when I managed to stop being a big sap, and start to relax & enjoy myself, I found a small felt fish in my bag which nearly made me blub.

6. The first time the LD rolled over and pushed himself up.  I squealed.  I cheered. I took a dozen photos. I phoned the Mr at work and gushed incoherently. I so wasn't prepared for that insane rush of pride & joy over something so small!

7. Having cBeebies tunes ingrained in my brain.  We don't even watch much TV (LD prefers to rock out to music of the loud & noisy variety), but I have lost count of the times I've caught myself singing the 'munch munch munch' song while getting lunch ready.

8. What has become affectionately known in our house as 'the Tombliboo incident.' 
We were Christmas shopping, and came across some cute lil Night Garden Beanies - I picked out one of each, but oh no - there was no Tombliboo Eee! I stood, in a very busy shop, with an armful of Night Garden beanies, and shouted to the Mr 'Babe, can you ask if they've got anymore Tombliboo Eee's - because there's no point in buying them if we can't get a full set of Tombliboos!'  Oh. The. Shame.

9. Other Mummys.  I still find it quite surreal that I can start a conversation & chat for hours with a complete stranger purely on the basis that we're both mummys.  Those tiny little people who rule our lives are quite the ice-breaker, no?

10. The mush factor.  The first gummy grin.  The consequent toothy smiles.  The tinkly baby chuckles.  The chubby armed cuddeles.  The 'kisses' (ie: open mouth, plant on mummy's face with a hefty portion of dribble).  I had no idea the power those little things would have to turn me to a complete mushy mess of goo.
Love it though :)

And there we are.
Ask me again next week & I'll probably have chalked up a whole bunch of new surreal moments. But that's all part of the fun of being a mummy.


  1. Oh yes, that whole Alien thing is crazy. I would watch for hours.

    I used one of the set of cards I won in your giveaway in my Secret Post Club parcel and Magic Mummy liked it so much she is going to frame it!

  2. LOVE IT! Especially number 9, made me LOL x

  3. Oh yes, that ice-breaker thing. Boys have football, we have babies. Jealous about the Blur gig, btw (and had to re-read - thought you had a 'fish' in your bag, rather than a felt one. Now that would have been surreal!). And the Alien tummy. And the mush (of brain, heart and food). Aren't we lucky?

  4. Aww so sweet , reading things like this make me feel so mushy! :D

  5. fabulous list! The ice breaker thing is so true.

  6. Thanks everyone :) - It's nice to know I'm not the only one finding the whole adventure a bit surreal in places :D

  7. OOh, and Kelly - I'm so chuffed! Glad your secret post buddy liked it (and thank you for the plug! :D xx)

  8. aaw fantastic, thanks for taking part and sharing these! I can relate to so many of them :) x

  9. Great list, Tombliboo eee...LOL! We spend our first few years as parents embarrassing ourselves and then the rest of our lives embarrassing our kids.

    Ever wondered what your most extreme moment as a parent has been or is likely to be? That's the question I'll be asking on my blog this week!

  10. Hahahaha! I love it! Of course there's no point getting the beanies without Tombliboo Eee. She is quite clearly the best Tombliboo (although Upsy Daisy is my actual favourite).
    Great post :-)

  11. @WADS: no problem, really fun idea for a carnival :)

    @Babes about Town: thank you! And I think you might be right! - ooh, and shall head over to your blog & have a look & a think :)

    @tidlyompompom: exactly! thank goodness they had more!! (I'm a Makka Pakka fan myself - can relate to his neurotic tendancies :D)