Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hello again Blogger!

So, I'm feeling a little sheepish, but here's the thing - The Little Dude & I have moved back to blogger.  I know, I know, I am a huge pain in the bottom, and I am super duper sorry, I really am!
But Wordpress and I, well, we just never really clicked... we weren't compatible... we wanted different things... we grew apart.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you blogger - and look - you've even gone and made yourself all pretty for me - with your spanky new 'pages' for me to fill up with bits and pieces. Oh the fun we'll have! 

And as for you, dear readers, oh how I love you.  And I'm truly sorry to keep messing you around, and I love that you keep coming with me, but please, pretty please,  could I ask you, just one last time, to resubscribe to the new RSS feed, and/or become a follower again?  There are pretty new buttons over there>>> just begging to be clicked!! (And that twinkly cake over there <<< is just for YOU.)

And although I am still tweaking my pretty new blogger palace, I faithfully PROMISE, I won't move again.
Love you guys :)


  1. Have done as I am told and I am now following this new blog! Now stay still woman for one minute!


    Thanks for adding me to your super list. Big love x

  2. *promise* I'm staying still now, REALLY!
    I like it here. I've made it all pretty now :)
    And you're totally welcome - no question of you making my favourites :) x

  3. I'm with Kelly - do stay still for a while or we'll keep losing you! Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I'm adding you to my Google reader :)

    Is is possible for you to add an option to your comment box so I can commment by entering my name and URL? Open ID often doesn't work on blogger which makes commenting difficult. Thanks!

  4. well just stop moving around woman, for goodness sake ;)

    Have added you. Oh and for the secret post club, email me with old url and new one.

  5. love your 'blogs i love' page idea - might steal it, ahem. and thank you for putting me on there!

  6. Rosie - I think I've done it?
    I'm a ditz though, so have a go & let me know :)

    Heather - will do - and steal away - always fun to spread the love :)

    And I promise, I'm going nowhere now I've decorated & unpacked :D - thanks for putting up with me!!

  7. Were you on Wordpress before? Sigh. I just wish I knew which one to choose. You going back to Blogger probably tells a tale?

  8. Yay! Welcome back to blogger. Following again, of course and thanks so much for the mention on your blogs I love page!

  9. angelsandurchins: i was - and for lots of people, it's a perfect fit, and i did like it, i just didn't *love* it if you know what i mean - blogger seems safe & familiar :P

    mum with carrot in her hair: thank you! and you're very very welcome :)
    (and thanks for following & putting up with the move!)

  10. Ive always been happy with the easy quickness of blogger ;)xx

  11. Thank you. I find lots of things really tricky with Wordpress, and things like RSS feeds almost impossible. A lot is probably my technical incompetence, but blogger does seem more intuitive.

  12. Hi new to your blog! cupcake did the trick

    A Mexican mommy living in Europe