Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Recipe For a Perfect Day...

Writing-Workshop-BadgeIt's workshop time again over at Sleep is for the Weak (I know, where does the time go?), so go have a look for some great writing and inspiring prompts to get your creative cogs a-turning.
(Click here for the prompts, and here for the links to all of this week's entries.)
(But read mine first, or I'll pout.)

This week, I chose:

2. Write a recipe for something abstract - i.e. a recipe for a good/bad day, recipe for a perfect Halloween, recipe for a happy mummy/daddy etc.


(And don't worry, you don't need to be from the house of Nigella to give this one a whirl :D)

Recipe for a perfect day.

Start with a base of sleeping in until at least 8am, with mummy waking gently from slumber to the sun shining, birds tweeting, and baby chatting contentedly to himself.

Smooth over a thin layer of milk, plus peach & banana porridge for baby, and a thicker layer of coffee for mummy. (For best results, use proper coffee, made in a pot, not instant.) Add Nutella filled croissants to taste.

Combine with a couple of large cups of morning playtime. Equal measures of singing and dancing and cuddles.

Snuggle up with a slice of good reading and quiet time, then set aside for a minimum of one solid hour napping time.

Once rested, blend in a portion of lunch – perhaps granary toast with mushed up avocado for two, with added strawberry fromage frais. Add a liberal pinch of mess – it’s all part of the fun of learning!

Mix in a lovely walk in the sunshine, adding your choice of park or seafront. Be sure to thoroughly marinade with all the sights and sounds along the way.

Cover with an afternoon nap. Once chilled, blend in something delicious for baby’s tea and leave to settle while watching Hollyoaks together.

When the daddy gets home from work, generously apply more cuddles.
Combine daddy & baby, and gently whisk in more milk, and the bedtime story of your choice.
Place baby in cot, sprinkle with goodnight kisses.

In a separate bowl, combine mummy, daddy, some tasty dinner and at least two large glasses of wine. (Can be substituted with bottles of beer as a variation.)

After all the ingredients are combined, gently simmer and enjoy the warming satisfaction of a perfect day.
And don’t forget to save the leftovers for tomorrow!



  1. zooarchaeologist28 October 2009 at 21:09

    Can we swop lives, just for a day, go on, you know you want to deal with two screaming monsters. Think of the experience.

  2. Blissful! And I was so with you on the Nutella Croissants...

    So how often does one of these come along then? ;-)

  3. I like the idea of having a seperate bowl for mummy and daddy.A very good post.

  4. zooarchaeologist: I'm still a rookie remember - I fear I would crash & burn!!

    porridgebrain: would you hate me if I said they're actually reasonably frequent?! I thank my lucky stars several times a day for having been blessed with a super chilled little dude!

    alybean: thank you :) - we dfinitely need a separate bowl now & then - just to keep us sane!

  5. Wouldn't that just be so nice.