Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A room of my own...

The very lovely Josie over at Sleep is for the Weak, has kindly set us all some blogging homework, in the form of some very fun writing prompts, head on over to check out Josie's surreal new conspiracy theory plus all the other great submissions.
(After you've read this one here, obviously :P)

Anyways, I've gone for option no.3:

Imagine an extra room in your house just for you. Time would freeze as you stepped through the door, leaving your life frozen behind you and giving you unlimited guilt-free time to spend there. What would you fill it with? What views would it have out the window?

Sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.
Firstly, the room is going to have to be tardis like, in that yes, it fits neatly inside my house, but once you're in there, is far far bigger than any of the other 'normal' rooms.
On entering, there's a delicious waft of freshly baked cupcake smell, as low & behold, Johnny Depp, my personal cupcake chef, is hard at work in one corner. And yes, he lets me lick the bowl ;) (hahaha!! shameless, sorry.)
In another corner, I've got THE sofa from central perk in 'f.r.i.e.n.d.s', huge plush beanbags and vintage cushions GALORE, plus shelves and shelves of all my favourite books and all the sure-to-be-great reads I'm yet to get to.
To the left of the library, there's the walk in closet. Yep, just like the one in Ugly Betty, choc-full of utterly delicious vintage dresses and gorgeous shoes and bags and accessories and needlessly pretty other things.
Don't get too hung up on the couture though, we've just reached the huge bay window, where - what's that? ah yes, it's Mr Alex James, of Blur fame, sitting in my big retro egg chair, strumming a guitar, seranading me at will.
And if you'd care to take a peek out the window, I'm sure you'll enjoy the view - remember the land of chocolate & candy in Willy Wonka? Well that's my garden, uh-huh, I know, fabulous.
In the last corner (yes, I know I've had more than 4 corners - nobody said my perfect room had to be square), it's craft heaven. There's an easel set up (in perfect light, of course) with dozens of brushes and paints in every colour of the rainbow. There's a huge table, which I never have to clear, and a wall full of drawers and boxes, stuffed full of beautiful papers and beads and embellishments and glitter and buttons and ribbons... it's almost even better than Johny's cupcakes. Yes, it's that good.
And in the middle of the best room ever, for when I tire of cupcakes and art and literature and fashion (unlikely, but sometimes it's nice to take a break), there's a huge fluffy rug, and a whole bunch of tiny puppy dogs. Because no matter how bad your day's been, everything is better with a puppy on your lap.

Now then. Who do I see about having this fabulous room installed in my house please?

While I deliberate, don't forget to go check out all the other great posts at Sleep is for the Weak - and if you're not a follower over there - why not?? Fix it! And join in on the wonderful weekly workshops.
Oh I love alliteration :)


  1. Cupcakes and Alex James? Now THAT'S my kinda room!


  2. Oh I love your more than 4 corners!!! And Johny the cupcake chef? Bliss... (I think licking the bowl was less shameful then some kind of licking the spoon euphamism!! No doubt that's what I would have said...)

    Thanks so much for taking part and your lovely praise, so sweet of you x

  3. I'd sleep for a least a month!

    In this room, does it also freeze wrinkles as well as time? Can it go backwards so I could wake up being 23 again?

    I can live in hope, I guess.


  4. IM: sounds pretty fantastic, huh? (I met Alex James in real life last year - SO exciting!! :D)

    PB: Thanks! and you're more than welcome - thank you again for the fun prompts - looking forward to the next lot :)

    RM: Yep, absolutely! And, your month of sleping would only be 5 minutes in the 'real' world, so you wouldn't even miss anything :) xx