Monday, 26 October 2009

The Six Month Milestone

Okay, actually, it was 6 months last Tuesday, but what can I say, being a mummy is a busy job, and it's been a week filled with plumbers, and coffee dates, and a mummy & daddy date, and distractions. And a stupid cold. So, y'know...


The Little Dude, is six months old. One hundred and ninety days today to be exact.

It's an odd feeling - on one hand, I absolutely understand what everyone means now when they say 'enjoy it- it goes too quickly!' - and on the other, I can hardly remember what life was like before being a mummy. (in a good way I mean, not just because of the perpetual exhaustion!)

It's amazing how much has happened in such a relatively short space of time.

My little boy has gone from a tiny little wrinkly pink bundle, just short of 7lb, who didn't care for much else than sleeping, pooping and mummy's boobies, to a wrinkle free 17lb of inquisitive little baby boy, complete with a tooth, who grins, and giggles, and is interested in just about anything and everything he can get his chubby little hands on. (particuarly my mobile, the tv remote, the dog...)

In the early days, we used to spend hours just snuggled up together - in bed, or on the sofa - the little dude feeding or snoozing - gently snoring and blowing tiny bubbles in his sleep - me, gazing in complete awe at the beautiful little person I'd made. (with a little help from the daddy, obviously ;D) From day one I was so thankful to the baby gods for blessing me with such a happy, chilled out little boy - and he was a sleeper too! I kept expecting the bubble to burst, but touch wood, it hasn't! Yay!

Now, our days are spent rocking to mummy's favourite tunes (he particuarly enjoys the work of Maximo Park, The Guillemotts, and ELO - good boy!), dancing, chattering about nothing, going for walks, play dates, and mummy indulging in all manner of silliness to encourage those delicious little giggle-fits.

He's gone from not being able to hold his own head up to rolling around the floor at will, pushing himself up, grabbing anything that looks interesting, just about sitting up unaided, and looking likely to start crawling at any minute.

And then there's the weaning! I love watching his little face each time he tries something new - and the look of sheer joy when he has a fist (and face!) full of rusk, is priceless.

In short, it's been an eventful half a year.
And it's been wonderful. Everyday brings something new, and I'm loving every minute of it.

I can't wait to see what the next six months have in store.


  1. Isn't it scary how quickly time goes? Piran is 3 months old on Sunday. It is just crazy. They really do change every day.

  2. Time flys. Sometimes I just want to stop the world to watch them sleep. Good taste in music little dude - minmad does quite a rendition of Get Over It or song 18 as he calls it

  3. awww this post has made me all excited for the pickle bump and doing this all over again, the sitting, the grabbing, the giggles. I can vouch as a Mum of Mo man 2yrs 2months, that the changing does not stop!The awesomeness reigns! xxx

  4. Aaah - gorgeous photos. Happy 6 months old sweetie. And there's an award for you at mine x

  5. He has some great taste in music!! :) xx

  6. Kelly: it really is!! Can't believe Piran's 3 months already - it'll be a much chunkier cuddle when I se him next!

    Mad House: That's Dylan's favourite too! not that he's singing along just yet - but he's a proper little mover!

    Bec: Aww! I'm excited FOR you!! :D

    MT: Thank you & Thank you! I shall get to work on my acceptance speech :D

    Emma Louise: Yep, I am training him well :D xx

  7. It's an astonishing journey, isn't it. He's gorgeous!

  8. Our little one just turned six months at the weekend and you're post has just summed it all up perfectly. The changes in 6 months are unbelievable but every day they get better and better. The giggles are infectious and the pride at each new thing learnt is overwhelming. Happy 6 months Little Dude and here's to the rest of your life!