Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday Night Catch Up...

Dinner made by me & eaten? Check.

Dessert made by the Mr & eaten? Calorie-filled Check.

X-Factor watched & laughed at? Check. (Whitney, have never been a fan, but really, you should have quit while you were ahead.)

Baby fed & sleeping? Cutieboy Check.

Dog curled up on my toes keeping them lovely and warm? Oh yes. (Every home should have a furry hot water bottle).

Time to catch up with all those memes like I said I would? Checkity Check.

Which actually, isn't as big a job as I thought, because everyone had given me the same award!! And I'm very pleased and flattered to say, it was the one up there in the top right - uh-huh, apparently I'm a great read :) - *blush!* So thank you muchly Sandy, MrsOMGPregnant (who is now an OMGMummy to a completely gorgous little girl!), and the 2 other people who my fuzzy little brain can't remember - SORRY!! (if it was you, shout & I shall link!!).

Anyway, rules of the award are that I'm now supposed to share 10 people/memories/places/things that make me happy, so here we go...

1-3: My Man, My Boy & My dog. Between the three of them, they make me smile more than anything else in the world, every single day, and are also responsible for 99% of my best memories. I love them all crazy-lots and am so thankful for them. I'm very blessed.

4: The day I found out I was pregnant. Also known as the start of our biggest ever (ongoing) adventure. Still smile when I think about it.

5: The first time the Mr took me to Tenerife. Two weeks of sheer unedited fun. We had an absolute ball & saw the sun rise more or less every morning we were there. We've been 6 times since, and can't wait till the Little Dude's a bit older so we can go back with him.

6: Blur @Hyde Park, this summer. I had waited almost a decade to see them live, and it was worth every minute. Such an amazing day.

7: My photo albums. I've always been a bit of a shutterbug, and as a result have pretty much my whole life documented in photo-form. One of my favourite rainy day pastimes is flicking through years & years worth of memories, smiling & giggling. (And occasionally dying of embarrassment!)

8: Doctor Who. But only David Tennant ones. If ever I'm in a funk, had a bad day, or otherwise feeling sorry for myself, curling up with The Doctor & a big mug of hot chocolate will help. Actually, same goes for Will Ferrell movies. Especially Zoolander.

9. Animals! Random? A little maybe. But I have so many happy animal memories, I thought it best to lump them into one. I've seen dolphins in the wild, hand fed squirrel monkeys, held an almighty giant tortoise, had numerous parrots perched on me, kissed a baby crocodile, and lots of other fun bits and pieces (without going into all the pets I've loved & lost over the years), the memorie of which all make me smile. I adore animals, always have, and hope to pass that passion on to the little dude. (He already loves dogs :D)

10. The first time I sold a piece of jewellery. The feeling that someone I didn't know was choosing to wear something I had made was fantastic. And it doesn't get old - everytime someone buys something I've made I get the same exciteable little buzz :)

have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed doing that, it's nice to reminice about good stuff - I could easily come up with another 10, but I'll stop, and pass the love on to all the great reads on my blog list. I'm going to be rubbish though & not name anyone specifically, because having taken so long to do it myself, I'll only end up tagging people who've already done it.
So if you haven't, do!
Because you're all great reads - that's why I read you!!

Oh, and speaking of great reads, Kelly over at A Place of My Own is running a great competition to win a copy of her friend's new book, which sounds brilliant - go check it out.
(even though I'm hoping to win, obviously!)

And now, night feed, then bed. Sleep's a thing that makes me happy too.


  1. Mrs OMG Pregnant18 October 2009 at 23:15

    Oooh I like no.7 I like doing that too!

  2. I am eternally jealous that you saw Blur this summer. I saw them twice in the 90's (crushed on the front barriers) and would love to see them again.


  3. Mrs OMG: SO fun :)

    IM: They were amazing :D (And we were crushed up at the barriers too - right in front of Grahame :D)