Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Not exactly wordless Wednesday...

This is me multi-tasking like a proper mummy - you're impressed, right?

The photo, counts as a Wordless Wednesday, but by cheating, and adding a few words, it's going to magically turn into my entry to this week's writing workshop over at Sleep is for the weak.  Clever eh?

I was all up for doing No.1 this week & treating you to a bit of a photo walk, but the weather had other ideas. So, I'll save that for another day & go with No.4: Tell me about something precious you gave away.

First up, here's the photo:

[caption id="attachment_182" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="scary how fast time flies when you're a mummy!"]tiny newborn babygrow meets seven month size babygrow[/caption]

The one on the bottom, is one of the LD's current sleepsuits.  The one on top, is one of his very first.

Despite being 10 days late, and weighing in at a pretty respectable 7lb, none of the newborn or 0-3 month variety we'd stocked up on fitted him - he was so skinny, the daddy had to do a mothercare run to pick up some 'tiny baby' ones so that he wasn't swamped.  Looking at those tiny little suits now fills me with a mixture of emotions - amazement that my now 18lb monster ever fitted in them, nostalgia for those early days where all I could day was stare in wonder at the wrinkly and gorgeous baby I'd just had and heartache when I dwell too long on the memory of a traumatic birth & the hard bits of those first few weeks- breast feeding tribulations, LD's trouble gaining weight, having to take him back into hospital... *shudder*.

Mostly though, it's happy memories of what seems like a lifetime ago despite being just seven short months.

As I mentioned in this post, I'm a terrible clutterbug, and too sentimental for my own good. I hadn't got rid of a single piece of outgrown clothing before this week. Now, I've made a start. I sorted through & pulled out all the tiny baby sleepsuits, vests & babygrows, threw them in the wash, and ironed the lot. I bundled them all up with a few soft toys and blankies, and donated them to our local SCBU.  Because as precious as they are to me, they'll be far more useful to the next mummy who's baby makes an early appearance & is in need of something tiny to keep them warm.

I let myself keep the one in the picture though.  Well, it's not as though it takes up much room ;)


  1. That is such a sweet photo - and what a lovely thing to do!

    I've given most of Kai's clothes away now too, but like you there's a few I just can't bare to part with.

    Well done little dude for growing so big and strong! (and well done to your mummy too..)

  2. You are better than me, I still have ALL of Monty's stuff up in the loft. Can't do it. CANNOT DO IT!!!
    Pickle may be able to wear some of it? But mostly not!!!

  3. A lovley photo. A very good thing to do with them all to. I gave all mine to my niece and it was lovley seeing them being reused.

  4. aaw soo cute, I couldn't part with some of Baby Belle's newborn things. How quickly they grown :( x

  5. Gosh - doubled in size! My little baby was only 5lbs 2oz a few weeks ago and already we're giving those clothes away!

  6. see, if I had ample loft space, I'd probably be the same, but needs must!
    and I'm sure Pickle will gt some wear out of *some* bits :)

  7. aww, thank you :)
    I think we hav to hang on to a few little bits - just as evidence they were ever that tiny if nothing else!

  8. Thank you :)
    That's a good idea too- especially when the little monsters grow so quickly & hardly wear half of what they have!

  9. frightening, isn't it? Everyone tells you how the time flies, but you don't realise how true it is until you're living it!