Saturday, 14 November 2009

Public Service Announcement

Hello gorgeous people, how are you all?  Bit weathery out there today huh?

This is just a quickie to let you all know about my new twitter acount: @lildudesmummy

Why do I need another twitter account?  Well, the reasons are three-fold...

1. It's partly to do with the whole changing-where-my-blog-lives fandango - i don't like the idea of protecting my tweets, but i'm also not keen on tweeting about blog updates from my 'proper' twitter, because it sort of defats the whole purpose of moving the blog in the first place, y'know?  (fear not though, my existing tweetie nonsense will continue, this is just an extra way of keeping up with things of a mummy & blogging nature.)

2. I worry about boring my non-parent tweet-chums with pimping my mummy blog.

3. I'm a neurotic loony who rather likes having separate places for separate things. Great Big Geek? Why yes, yes I am.

And that's it. No more to see. As you were.  (I'll do a proper post soon, honest I will.)


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  2. My head hurts! Cute avatar, though.

  3. Sowwy!
    I'm all done now though - promise :)

    And thanks - tis th little dude - he's been throwing rock hands since 2 weeks old, I hartily approve.