Sunday, 15 November 2009

Writing Workshop Catch-up...

Writing-Workshop-BadgeLovely Josie over at Sleep is for the Weak was a poorly bunny last week, which sadly meant no workshop, but was also sort of lucky for me as due to The Mr being on holiday and generally playing havock with my routines (in a good way really - love you honey!), I didn't get a chance to do anything for Workshop #4.  Soo, I shall take the liberty to do so now...

I'm picking No.1: Write about an overheard conversation.

(Please note, what follows is a true story. You can't make this stuff up!)

The Little Dude & I are in Boots, stocking up on 3 for 2 Christmas presents.  Well, I'm deliberating over presents, LD is chattering to his cuddly fox rattle.  It's all good. 

I'm looking at a set of In the Night Garden figures - perfect for a friend's daughter, when I see a little blonde boy of about 2 gleefully pressing buttons on any and every noisy toy he can get his chubby little hands on.  Cute, I think.  He gives me a cheeky toothy grin & shoots off to stare in wonder at all the festive sweeties.

Suddenly I hear someone screech 'Shandon! Get here, Naaaaa!!' - hate to sound all posh, but it was a voice that wouldn't be out of place selling apples in Albert Square.  You know what I'm talking about.  I look up to see the little blonde boy being grabbed by the arm & fastened into a double buggy next to a little blonde girl. 'You're doing my f**king head in today!!' she continues.  Nice.  I can't help feeling sorry for the little guy - he wasn't being naughty as such - I can't STAND it when people swear in front of kids, and oh my God, what sort of name is Shandon anyway?  'Just sit still and behave - be good like Moet.' ...penny drops.  Shandon, is in fact, Chandon.  And his sister is Moet.  Uh-huh, mother of the year named her children Moet & Chandon.  Altogether now, W . T . F ?

Don't get me wrong, naming your little darlings is one of the most important and personal decisions you ever have to make - and if you love somthing, you should go with it, regardless of what anyone else thinks.  But there's a limit, right?  I know us mummys are supposed to support eachother, solidarity and all that, and call me judgemental if you like, but I think anyone naming their children after beverages needs to have a serious re-think.  But then who knows, perhaps their cousins had already used Bacardi & Smirnoff?  Proper classy like.

Amazing what you overhear when you're trying to stretch the Christmas budget!

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