Monday, 20 July 2009

Awards & Memes...

I said I'd remember these eventually!

So firstly, thank you bunches to the very lovely Sandy at Baby Baby, for my 'Honest Scrap' award :D

For this one, I have to share 10 fascinating facts about me, so here goes…

1. I’m a neurotic loony. My wardrobe is colour coordinated, and I only ever wear underwear in matching sets.
2. I’m obsessed with butterflies and frogs. Always have been, no idea why!
3. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 9.
4. I have an inappropriate crush on Simon Cowell.
5. And a very appropriate one one Johnny Depp. He’s my back up husband.
6. I’ve got every Tim Burton movie on DVD. He’s my hero.
7. I never kill bugs, they always get scooped up & put outside. Except wasps & flies, they get squished.
8. I secretly enjoy trashy chick lit – ‘tis my guilty pleasure.
9. I hate bananas. The smell, the texture, the taste – ick. (Will not be feeding the little dude mushed up narnas, daddy can do that :P)
10. I know all the words to pretty woman. I know, such a girl :P

And secondly, muchos gracias to the uuber organised Nadine at Time Management Mum for the Lemonade award:

For this one, I’m supposed to say what I’m thankful for… so many things!!
So off the top of my head, I’ll say:
My gorgeous baby boy, obviously, his equally gorgeous daddy, my wonderful friends (that means internet ones too – breastfeeding at 4am would be very lonely without you!), my dog, music (my life would be so much duller without my iPod & my CD collection!), and Galaxy Caramel.

Safe to say, I count my blessings daily :)

And lastly, thanks again to Sandy for tagging me for this meme:

Here are the rules:
Mention the person who tagged you. (done!)
Complete the lists of 8's. (done!)
Tag 8 other bloggers and let them know. (um, not done, see below!)

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1. My friend’s little girl’s 1st birthday party on Sunday – will be the little dude’s first party :D
2. Weaning!
3. The next Dr Who special. I heart David Tennant.
4. The postman bringing the prezzie I bought Dylan yesterday!
5. The seafront fair this weekend
6. The Daddy having a whole week off next month.
7. My new kitchen being fitted.
8. Winning the lottery. (Got to be optimistic, or it’ll never happen, right?:P)

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Made a veggie lasagne
2. A load of baby washing. (baby clothes, not putting the baby in the machine, honest!)
3. Had a lovely long bath.
4. Watched QI repeats on Dave :)
5. Made a feeble attempt at denting the ironing pile.
6. Phoned my auntie.
7. Listened to ELO’s greatest hits. (so good.)
8. Tried & failed to sort the big box of ‘baby stuff’ in the living room. Will try that again tomorrow.

8 Things I wish I could do
1. Play an instrument – guitar, drums or piano would be good.
2. Sew. (technically I can, but not well.)
3. Knit. (see above.)
4. Speak Spanish, fluently. (I can hold a very basic conversation & order my dinner, but that’s it.)
5. Be one of those people who never forgets a birthday.
6. Remember where I put things. They’re never where I think they are.
7. Make really good chocolate chip cookies.
8. Be a stay at home mummy permanently… still working on that one ;)

8 favourite fruits
1. Apples – green ones, not red.
2. Grapes. (particularly when squished up & bottled)
3. Pear Cider. (‘tis one of my 5 a day, no?)
4. Oranges
5. Limes. (Very good wedged in a bottle of corona. I’m not an alcoholic, really!)
6. Pineapple
7. Melon (good for dipping in chocolate fountains)
8. Kiwifruit – cut off the top & it’s a fuzzy little boiled egg.

8 Places I'd like to travel
1. Japan
2. Canada
3. New York
4. Mexico
5. Australia
6. Prague
7. China
8. California

8 Places I've lived
1. Glasgow (was born there)
2. Aberdeen
3. Inverness
4. Livingston (just outside Edinburgh)
5. Edinburgh
6. Worthing (moved to England when I was 15)
7. Southampton (while at Uni)
8. West Worthing – Now! (technically a cheat, but I ran out of places!

Regarding the tagging…I’m still relatively new on the mummy blogging block, and I’ve taken ages to get round to these, so I’m not sure who’s been tagged already, & I don’t want to bug anyone, so I’m going to be lame & just say if you don’t already have one of these awards, help yourself, on me :)
(Hey, if you’re reading this, you qualify as great!)
And if you haven’t done the meme, do that too, it’s fun.

And, in lieu of taggage, have a peek at my blog roll (over there------------> somewhere), and visit the lovely people I read. They’re fabulous :)

Okay, DONE! Phew :)


  1. The wife of bold20 July 2009 at 21:33

    Congratulations on the awards!!! I eat my kiwi fruits like that too lol, and pretty woman is the best girly flick ever...."work it work it baby, own it"...."oh yo oh yo catch this"......"Big Mistake, Huge. I have to go shopping now"...."the pressure of a name. Cinder fuckin rella".... how sad am i? Don't answer that :)

  2. Matching underwear? I remember that. I've got loads! Since I've had the babies I don't fit into the bras any more :-(
    Yes, I prefer my grapes in the bottle too! :-)

  3. I *heart* David Tennant. My husband is very understanding about that! I have to be colour co-ordinated, or it freaks me out. I am working on that one though, starting small by having cushions in my front room that sort of clash with my curtains. My outfits would take a lot more work!