Sunday, 5 July 2009

Mummy Rocks (though not quite as hard as she used to)

So this weekend was spent at Nannie & Grandad Church's - our first 'weekend away' since the little dude arrived.
It was lovely, but also incredibly busy & utterly exhausting!

The main reason for the trip was that the daddy & I had tickets to go see Blur in Hyde Park on Friday, & Nannie C was babysitting for the day - they live in Guildford & we really don't visit as much as we should, so we decided to stay the whole weekend.

Sooo, first 'holiday'(ish - does a 3 day stay with the inlaws count as a holiday?) with baby - PLUS the first time I had to leave the baby with someone else for a whole entire day rolled into one - GULP.

Getting ready to leave, was stressful.
You'd think I'd be used to how much stuff my tiny little person needs carted around by now - and to be fair, I have - when it's just a few hours out & about in town - but THREE days? that's a whole 'nother ball game.
Nappies, wipes, bottles, breast pump, steriliser, formula? Check.
Huge bundle of clothes? Check.
Extra clothes incase of sick and or poop incidents? Check.
Loopy links, rattle, cuddlies, bibs, blankies, books, baby calpol 'just incase'? Check check checkity-check.
But, we got there eventually, and I didn't forget anything. Well, nothing important anyway ;)

Leaving for the train station on Friday morning, leaving my little man behind - for the whole entire day - for the first time ever - well that was just horrible.
I know, I know - I need to have a life outside the baby, he needs to learn to get along without me sometimes, D & I need time to be a couple, not just 'mummy & daddy' - blah blah blah, YES, I know & agree with all of that - but wow, it really doesn't make it any easier!!
I was pretty good though - I was a tiny bit tearful after kissing him goodbye, and I had a few little wobbles through the day (most notably when Damon sang end of a century - that's where the little dude's 'dirty little monster' nickname comes from), but on the whole, I coped.

And we had a fantastic day. The gig was incredible, and it was nice to feel all free & crazy & young & wild again for a few hours.
Or as wild & crazy as a girl with a felt fish finger puppet in her handbag can feel.
(finding that in there may have caused one of the wobbles :P)

But as brilliant as it was, I was *SO* happy to get back & squish the little man. I missed him tons.

The rest of the weekend, was a whirlwind blur of nannie & grandad time, doing the rounds visiting D's rellies - great aunties, great grandad, second cousins... and it was nice, but all very busy, very hot, very tiring.
Getting home this afternoon was a good feeling.

And cuddling up on the sofa with the little dude & the daddy this evening, just the three of us, was even better :)

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  1. It does count as a holiday in my book. And a day without child too. Well done and of course he was fine. I wish I could have seen Blur, so jealous! x