Saturday, 18 July 2009

Quality Mummy & Baby Time

Is it a tiny bit selfish that I really enjoy the days the little dude & i spend at home, just the two of us?

Because I do.

Days when I don't have to share him with anyone.

Days when we don't really 'do' a whole lot - we haven't got clinic, or a group, or a class, or a playdate, or a coffee shop meetup, or shopping for neccessities...

In fact all that is on the to-do list, is staying home & making eachother smile :)

That's what we've been doing today.

We had a lovely nap together this morning after breakfast, we've had 3 readings of 'where's that monkey?' (D's current favourite), dozens of rounds of peek-a-boo (he all of a sudden 'gets' peekaboo - or it makes him laugh at least), we've danced about the living room, sang some songs, had a bath, *and*, we finished our first mother & son craft project, voila! :

Dylan & me do art

what do you think? :)
I reckon we make quite the artistic team! Though it did take 5 attempts for the little dude to realise he wasn't supposed to be just squishing the clay at random.
And we thought it looked a bit blah with just the prints, so we blinged it up with some buttons - and we didn't like the look of the beige chalk that came in the kit, so we substituted mummy's blue eyeshadow - because it's all about the artistic license ;)

I love days like today, I really do.


  1. zooarchaeologist18 July 2009 at 20:03

    I feel inspired now- lovely

  2. Mrs OMG Pregnant19 July 2009 at 09:55

    So cute and lovely :)

  3. That's gorgeous!
    I love days where you don't have to do anything apart from play with babies :-)

  4. It's insanely cute that hands and feet actually come in such dinky sizes!

    I think this qualifies a pat of the back for Mama Barcley and another smoosh for the cub...because there's no such thing as too many smooshes. ;)


  5. miss leslieanne23 July 2009 at 14:36

    thank you everyone! :D

    And Kim, no, no such thing as too many smooshies :)