Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Come on Squigler!!

Dancinfairy - this one's for you!

Your update just popped up on my googlereader, and I figured that as you can access *your* google reader, I would send you some love & luck wishes via the gift of blogger... what an age we live in, huh?!

And, thought you might like to know,you're practically a trending topic on twitter - everyone is checking up on your Mr's tweets to see if there's any news! (poor bloke - but at least you're working on giving him the best birthday present ever! :D)

So, hope you're doing okay - not too uncomfortable, and not going too loopy through boredom!!

Hope everything goes quickly & smoothly & that you'll be gazing in wonder at your little squigler before you know it :D

Sending you bunches of good thoughts and hugs - and good luck!! xxx

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