Monday, 20 July 2009

Bumpy Fashionistas

I have a few friends expecting babies now, and I’m very flattered that each of them have come to me for advice on maternity fashion that doesn’t suck :)
(I don’t know much about politics, world affairs, geography or anything else in the realms of general knowledge, but I do know fashion. It is my vice & I love it :D)

So, I thought it’d be fun to do a post of all my preggo-fashionista tips…
(Please note, I’m by no means an expert - my only qualifications are that I’ve been there and done it myself!)

1. When you start to get bumpy, go through your wardrobe, bag up everything that doesn’t fit & put it somewhere safe. You won’t be wearing it for a while, and gazing lovingly at all your bump-unfriendly beauties as you’re expanding is just depressing! And be realistic – just because you can technically get into something, doesn’t mean it looks good – and keep in mind – you’re only going to get bigger!

2. As a rule, stuff worth keeping out for the duration includes: tunic tops, anything floaty & loose fitting, jersey dresses (they will hitch up at the front as your bump grows, but leggings are your friend – put a pair on underneath, and pretty stretchy dresses become long bump-flattering tops.), longer length vest tops, anything elasticated.

3. Get yourself a bump band or two. Or three. I LOVE them. Basically, it’s like a boob tube for your belly, and wearing one means you can continue wearing non-maternity tops, letting the bump band fill the gap between the bottom of your top & the top of your bottoms ;)
(They’re also really handy after the event – great for covering up the mummy tummy during breast feeding, and for a little extra support & confidence while you’re getting back in shape.)

4. When buying new stuff, be selective. Make a list of what you really need (A decent pair of jeans or two, the bare minimum in workwear {I made do with a skirt, a pair of trousers & a shift dress all in black, plus 2 tops}, 2 or 3 ‘going out’ tops & a few basic vests/tees should do you) , and set yourself a budget. (Do you really want to be blowing a fortune on a temporary wardrobe? No. Especially not with the most expensive little bundle you’ll ever meet on the way!)

5. To that end, don’t dismiss the wonder of ebay!
Do a search & you’ll find a whole bunch of lovely maternity wear – much bigger selection than in the shops, & a fraction of the price. And of course, as it’s previous owners will most likely only have worn it a handful of times, it’ll be in great condition too!

6. Explore the high street. Depending on what’s in style while your bun is in the oven, you might find you’re able to get away with wearing ‘normal’ clothes if you just buy a size or two bigger – particularly with tops & dresses. Failing that, most high street shops are starting to realise there’s money to be made from pregnant women – H&M (my personal favourite – and also my favourite place to go baby-clothes-shopping!), Dorothy Perkins, New Look and Topshop all carry a maternity range – most of which is adaptations of ‘regular’ styles. However, the maternity section in store is often very small, and very limited size-wise – annoying!! So, save yourself the hassle & check them out online instead. (You’re pregnant, you’re allowed to be lazy! :D)

7. Accessorise! If you’re struggling to find anything you like, get the absolute basics & pretty them up to your hearts content. Your growing bump won’t have any effect on the fit of fabulous jewellery, scarves, brooches, hats & bags. Phew.

8. Most importantly, love your bump. Embrace it. There’s no point trying to hide or disguise it under big baggy ill-fitting clothes – that’s a surefire way to make yourself look ‘fat’, and to feel frumpy & fedup.
Choose well fitting, belly skimming pieces, fabric that drapes & flatters your bump, and you’ll look & feel a million times better.
SMILE! Even if you’ve got miserable morning sickness & chronic backache, fake it! Keep telling yourself ‘only a few more months to go’, and focus on the fantastic little person growing inside rather than how you’re looking from the outside.

Love your bump & you’ll look like a gorgeous blooming yummy mummy in the making.

Because you are :)


  1. Brilliant advice!
    I lived in Mothercare over bump black maternity trousers for work, with non-maternity empire line tops that made my bump look lovely.
    Leggings, definitely, with non-maternity smock tops.
    I still haven't lost weight, so if I wear the empire line or smock tops now, I still look pregnant, so I don't wear any of them - shame really!

  2. Every two months I went through my wardrobe and took out everything that I couldn't wear. It made getting ready to go out easier because I didn't stand looking at my favourite top wishing I could wear it. The way I look at it, by the time I can get back into this stuff I will feel like I have a whole new wardrobe!

    I love the H&M maternity wear, although I had to go all the way to Chichester to find some! Their shorts are amazing and I have lived in them. I found that I needed over the bump trousers etc as under the bump made me very uncomfortable which did restrict what I could wear jeans wise. In the end I had one pair from Peacocks which worked - they have a reasonable online selection of maternity wear.

    I also bought a load of cheap t shirts from Primark because they are stretchy and fit the ever growing bump.

    Sorry, long comment!

  3. miss leslieanne23 July 2009 at 14:32

    Thanks Sandy :) - you should treat yourself to a nice stretchy belt - I have a wide black stretchy one that I use to 'cinch' in all my big flowy maternity tops, so I have a waist, but still cover up the mummy tummy :)

    And don't apologise Dancin Fairy - I love long comments! :) ('specially when filled with good advice!)