Friday, 17 July 2009

Busy Busy Week...

I am one tired mummy!

Partly because I did indeed jinx the little man's sleeping through the night, which has been on again off again since (ah well, we're making progress at least!), and partly because I basically haven't stopped all week!

Weigh-day (little monster is a whopping 12lb 9oz now - over double the 6lb he dropped down to when he was poorly - yay!), mother & baby group, visit to Auntie's (my little sister - can't get enough of the little man :D), meeting up with new mummy friends, essential nappy-based shopping trips, and last night, a mummy & daddy trip to the pub while nannie looked after the baby. (Yeah, okay, that bit was self-inflicted tiredness ;) - fun though, and I'm getting better at leaving the noodle for more than two minutes at a time!)

Plus of course all the usual nappy changing, bundles of washing, rounds of peek-a-boo, and all the other fun that comes with a new tiny person!

So yes, I don't feel at all guilty about being a lazy bum today, we deserve it!
And as the little man is *finally* down for his nap (third time lucky), mummy gets a chance to blog & catch up with google reader :)

AND, a chance to share a rather lovely special offer with all you lovely mummies :)

Do you have hundreds of photos on your computer that you keep meaning to print but never get round to?
Have you ever used Photobox? If not, now is a great time to try them, because, not only do new customers get 40 free prints anyway, but until 2pm Monday, they can also order up to 50 more prints for just 1p each!
Or in other words, you can print 90 photos for 50p plus p&p (which is a very reasonable £1.49).
As a new mummy, I've taken quite literally hundreds of photos since the little dude arrived, and I always use photobox to print them - they are great quality, excellent value, & they deliver really quickly - can't recommend them enough.
Click here to judge for yourself.

And now, as the daddy has kindly offered to see to the little man's next feed, the mummy is off for a long soak in the bath... bliss :)

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  1. Thanks for the Photobox tip!
    So glad your little man has put on weight :)